Land Surveying

With more than 100 years collective experience worldwide, our team of professionals can assist in the complete spectrum of complex land survey projects. We have experience in land tenure and titling issues relating to freehold and leasehold land, community title, volumetric subdivisions, mining tenures and native title issues.

Our expertise in these areas has been recognised over the years by a number of industry awards, and the involvement of key staff in various government and industry advisory committees.

We also provide an extensive range of traditional land survey services to the general public, industry and Government, including:

  • Boundary Surveys
  • Land and Building Subdivisions
  • Construction and Engineering Surveys
  • Contour and Detail Surveys
  • Lease and Building Surveys
  • Height Certifications

We utilise up to date technology, equipment and processing software to ensure our clients’ requirements and expectations are fulfilled in a timely and cost effective manner. We also maintain a fleet of state of the art survey accurate GPS (global positioning systems) receivers, which we use to carry out a wide range of survey tasks. The application of this technology to traditional survey tasks has allowed us to improve our efficiency and accuracy, providing better, and more timely information to our clients.