About Cottrell Cameron & Steen Surveys

Cottrell Cameron & Steen Surveys was formed in March 1984. In June 1993, it merged with Development Survey Consultants to form a dynamic company providing spatial information and consulting services to Business, Industry, Government and the Community.

The directors of Cottrell Cameron & Steen Surveys understand the importance of providing personalised service to their clients. To ensure that our clients receive the best advice, the directors maintain a “hands on” approach and regularly spend time “in the field”, personally supervising or carrying out important project tasks.

Our vision is to maintain a sustainable business built on the foundations of care for our people and the community, the environment and principles of economic sustainability.

Equipment & Safety

Cottrell Cameron & Steen Surveys endeavours to stay abreast of current technological developments and utilises the most appropriate equipment for the task at hand. We are committed to safety in the workplace and have developed and implemented a safety “Sustainability Manual” which brings together safety and environmental management under the umbrella of a Quality framework.

This integrated system is used to control, monitor and review all our projects, ensuring that we meet all the necessary safety and quality standards.